Eight Productivity Quotes With Meanings

Today in this blog post I'm going to share  some wonderful  productivity quotes.  Yes friends ,quotes are just one or two lines that impress us immediately because they are time tested life mantras.  So here I present 8 quotes on productivity along with their meanings.  1. Focus on being productive instead of busy :  Being productive and being busy aren't  the same . One can be productive but not busy. Similarly, One can be busy but not productive.  Let me explain this with an example.  A student may spend few hours studying and cover more topics or subjects ; another student may put more hours in studying and yet cover few topics.  So 'it is not about how many hours you put into study but how much study you put into those hours'. 2. Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most: Being productive inevitably requires you to be disciplined.  And discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.  When you choose what you wan

How To start reading books?

  You must have heard it before that books are our best friends. Have you ever wondered why is it said so?     Just as We cherish the companionship of a good friend ,readers cherish the companionship of a good book.  Now why do books often assume the role of the best companion?  This is because books understand and value our time completely. We can spend time with them whenever we feel lonely and whenever we want to spend time with them.  They are never gonna cut a sorry figure.  Reading   is recognized as one of the best pursuits one can adopt. Reading  can help people to improve their understanding and imagination to a great deal. Reading helps people to empathize with other people, understand other people's situations. It also helps to learn the language efficaciously. It also helps to perform well in competitive exams as comprehension carries good weightage in almost all prestigious exams.  Having talked about the manifold benefits of reading, let us now delve into the question

12 Steps to Positivity

  Positivity is not only an excellent expression but a life style. Positivity is the quality of being positive in life. Being positive means being optimistic about life. When everything goes around good in life, one is most likely to stay positive. But the challenge arises when one experiences bad situations in life. One is likely to feel anxious and lose one's optimism. The mantra here to stay positive is to reassure oneself again and again that the bad situation too shall pass. As P. B. Shelley writes in his famous poem (Ode to the west wind) - If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind?  In this article I am going to share with you 12 tips for positivity.  1. Get yourself a time table : I cannot stress enough the importance of following a time table or routine. A routine starts you off on the right foot. When you chalk out time for everything on paper, you will find time for everything , e.g.  Meditation, Exercise, Studying, Pleasure Reading, Writing, Helping your mother in h

14 Tips for a Super Productive Study Day

Want to have a super productive study day?  In this blog post, I am presenting to you the 14 ultimate tips to have a super productive study day. So bear with me till the end.  1. Decide the previous night which topics you want to study the next morning :   It is always wise to plan the topics on the previous night because it saves valuable time in the morning. You  should not waste even a little time planning things in the morning.  2 . Choose your study hours wisely:   Choose such study hours that suits you best (for example, some people can study more effectively in the mornings ,some people in the nights and some people in the afternoons), when you can sit to study for longer hours without any worries such as doing household chores. You should get done with household chores either before your study session or after your study session. 3. Eat a healthy breakfast :  Eat a hearty, healthy and less time consuming breakfast. I cherish a large bowl of porridge with sliced bananas and

How to speak English - The Top Six Tips

Do you often find yourself probing into how can you start to speak  English well? Do you find yourself asking ' I understand English well and  can also write good English, but why do I lack the confidence to speak English? Why is it that everytime I try to speak in English, I forget the words and I fumble so much that no one understands anything and all I can hear is people giggling and passing hurtful comments.  Alright guys! I have been there and I have been there for the longest of times. But now I am not in that position anymore. Today in this article I am going to tell you the six techniques that I have used to get myself out of that abominable situation.  1. STOP  CARING  ABOUT  PEOPLE :  If I have to give percentage share to the various things that hold you back from starting your spoken English journey, I will give 99 percent to your fear of people laughing at you and making fun of you when you make mistakes while speaking English.  This factor has held me back for long  f